leveesafety.com has been thought in response to the problems suffered by levee systems as a result of climate change consequences and a growing acceptance that floods and extreme weather events are becoming more common and are expected to intensify in the future and could affect all regions around the world.

MISSION: Share information and knowledge offering support and cooperation.

leveesafety.com culture is that of sharing knowledge.

leveesafety.com aspires to be a comprehensive compendium of guidance and good practice for the assessment, design, construction, maintenance and management of levees and to offer a support framework for professionals working in the field for overcoming the commonly identified problems.

Who I am

Barbara Cosanti, Ph.D.

Barbara (M.Sc. in Civil Engineering and Ph.D. in Geotechnical Engineering) has gained considerable experience on earth levees, working in the field since 2010 as researcher and as a consultant. Over the years, her work has focused on the geotechnical problems related to levees with special attention on monitoring of levees and on-site controls. She is author of several papers on the topic. Moreover, she has been tutor for many theses and trainer of professional courses on the subject.